Keep Going With QuickBooks® 2009 for Windows

Course Specifications

Course number: TLR0804
Software: QuickBooks 2009 for Windows 

Course Description

Delivery Method:  Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Hardware/Software Requirements

You will need:

Performance-Based Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Course Content

Lesson 1: Customizing Forms
Topic 1A: Creating a Custom Template
Topic 1B: Modifying a Template
Topic 1C: Printing Forms

Lesson 2: Using Other QuickBooks Accounts
Topic 2A: Other QuickBooks Account Types
Topic 2B: Tracking Credit Card Transactions
Topic 2C: Working with Asset Accounts
Topic 2D: Working with Liability Accounts
Topic 2E: Understanding Equity Accounts

Lesson 3: Creating Reports
Topic 3A: Creating QuickReports
Topic 3B: Modifying QuickReports
Topic 3C: Memorizing QuickReports
Topic 3D: Running Preset Reports
Topic 3E: Modifying Preset Reports
Topic 3F: Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel
Topic 3G: Printing Reports

Lesson 4: Creating Graphs
Topic 4A: Creating QuickInsight Graphs
Topic 4B: Using QuickZoom with Graphs
Topic 4C: Working with the Sales Graph
Topic 4D: Customizing Graphs
Topic 4E: Printing Graphs

Lesson 5: Tracking and Paying Sales Tax
Topic 5A: Using Sales Tax in QuickBooks
Topic 5B: Setting Up Tax Rates and Agencies
Topic 5C: Indicating Who and What Gets Taxed
Topic 5D: Applying Tax to Each Sale
Topic 5E: Determining What You Owe
Topic 5F: Paying Your Tax Agencies

Lesson 6: Doing Payroll with QuickBooks
Topic 6A: Using Payroll Tracking
Topic 6B: Setting Up for Payroll
Topic 6C: Setting Up Employee Payroll Information
Topic 6D: Writing a Payroll Check
Topic 6E: Printing Paycheck Stubs
Topic 6F: Tracking Your Tax Liabilities
Topic 6G: Paying Payroll Taxes
Topic 6H: Printing Forms 940 and 941

Lesson 7: Estimating, Time Tracking, and Job Costing
Topic 7A: Creating Job Estimates
Topic 7B: Creating an Invoice from an Estimate
Topic 7C: Displaying Project Reports for Estimates
Topic 7D: Updating the Job Status
Topic 7E: Tracking Time
Topic 7F: Displaying Project Reports for Time Tracking
Topic 7G: Displaying Other Project Reports

Lesson 8: Writing Letters
Topic 8A: Writing a QuickBooks Check
Topic 8B: Using Bank Account Registers

Lesson 9: Synchronizing with Contact Management Software
Topic 9A: Categorizing Contact Names in Microsoft Outlook
Topic 9B: Synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook
Topic 9C: Changing Synchronization Settings