Get Going With QuickBooks® 2009 for Windows

Course Specifications

Course number: TLR0803
Software: QuickBooks 2009 for Windows 

Course Description

Delivery Method:  Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Hardware/Software Requirements

You will need:

Performance-Based Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started
Topic 1A: Starting QuickBooks
Topic 1B: Identifying Components of the QuickBooks Operating Environment
Topic 1C: Opening QuickBooks Centers
Topic 1D: Opening Other QuickBooks Windows
Topic 1E: Identifying Common Business Terms
Topic 1F: Setting Up QuickBooks in Multi-User Mode
Topic 1G: Exiting QuickBooks

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Company
Topic 2A: Creating a QuickBooks Company
Topic 2B: Using the Chart of Accounts
Topic 2C: Entering Account Opening Balances

Lesson 3: Working with Lists
Topic 3A: Creating Company Lists
Topic 3B: Working with the Customers & Jobs
Topic 3C: Working with the Employees List
Topic 3D: Working with the Vendors List
Topic 3E: Adding Customized Fields
Topic 3F: Managing Lists

Lesson 4: Setting Up Inventory
Topic 4A: Entering Products into Inventory
Topic 4B: Ordering Products
Topic 4C: Receiving Inventory
Topic 4D: Paying for Inventory
Topic 4E: Manually Adjusting Inventory

Lesson 5: Selling Your Product
Topic 5A: Creating Product Invoices
Topic 5B: Applying Credit to Invoices
Topic 5C: E-mailing Invoices
Topic 5D: Making Cash Sales

Lesson 6: Invoicing for Services
Topic 6A: Setting Up a Service Item
Topic 6B: Changing the Invoice Format
Topic 6C: Creating a Service Invoice
Topic 6D: Entering Statement Charges
Topic 6E: Creating Billing Statements

Lesson 7: Processing Payments
Topic 7A: Receiving Payments for Invoices
Topic 7B: Making Deposits
Topic 7C: Printing Statements

Lesson 8: Working with Bank Accounts
Topic 8A: Writing a QuickBooks Check
Topic 8B: Using Bank Account Registers
Topic 8C: Entering a Handwritten Check
Topic 8D: Transferring Funds Between Accounts
Topic 8E: Reconciling Checking Accounts

Lesson 9: Entering and Paying Bills
Topic 9A: Handling Expenses
Topic 9B: Using QuickBooks for Accounts Payable
Topic 9C: Entering Bills
Topic 9D: Paying Bills

Lesson 10: Using the EasyStep Interview
Topic 10A: Using the EasyStep Interview

Lesson 11: Using Online Banking
Topic 11A: Setting Up an Internet Connection
Topic 11B: Activating Online Services
Topic 11C: Viewing, Downloading, and Matching Online Transactions
Topic 11D: Creating Online Payments
Topic 11E: Transferring Funds Online
Topic 11F: Canceling Online Payments
Topic 11G: Sending E-mail to Your Financial Institution

Lesson 12: Sharing Files with an Accountant
Topic 12A: Saving an Accountant’s Copy
Topic 12B: Removing Accountant’s Copy Restrictions
Topic 12C: Using the Accountant’s Copy File Transfer Service
Topic 12D: Importing an Accountant’s Changes