Business Etiquette

Topic-Level Outline

             Days:           1

Prerequisites:           None

             Unit 1 :           Office protocol

           Topic A: 0   Office etiquette

           A-1:           Understanding business etiquette

           A-2:           Maintaining a professional appearance

           Topic B: 0   Cubicle and office etiquette

           B-1:           Practicing cubicle etiquette

           B-2:           Practicing office etiquette

           Topic C: 0   Office relationships

             C-1:             Developing positive relationships with co-workers

             C-2:             Avoiding rumors and gossip

             C-3:             Developing relationships with superiors and staff

             Unit 2 :           Professional conduct

           Topic A: 0   Appropriate use of the Internet

           A-1:           Accessing the Internet

           Topic B: 0   Ethical dilemmas

           B-1:           Handling ethical dilemmas

           B-2:           Maintaining loyalty and confidentiality

           Topic C: 0   Personal issues in the workplace

             C-1:             Handling personal issues in the workplace

             Unit 3 :           Communicating in the workplace

           Topic A: 0   Introductions

           A-1:           Introducing people

           A-2:           Following etiquette while being introduced

           Topic B: 0   Conversations

           B-1:           Making conversation

           Topic C: 0   Etiquette in meetings

             C-1:             Understanding meeting protocol

             C-2:             Conducting yourself properly in meetings

             Unit 4 :           Etiquette in communication

           Topic A: 0   Telephone courtesy

           A-1:           Applying telephone courtesy

           A-2:           Using voice mails and speakerphones

           Topic B: 0   E-mail etiquette

           B-1:           Using subject lines and e-mail signatures

           B-2:           Composing the body of e-mail messages

           Topic C: 0   Writing guidelines

             C-1:             Formatting a business letter

             C-2:             Writing memos and informal letters

             Unit 5 :           Business functions

           Topic A: 0   Attending business functions

           A-1:           Identifying types of business functions

           A-2:           Following etiquette at business functions

           Topic B: 0   Business dining

             B-1:             Identifying table settings at formal dinners

             B-2:             Following etiquette for business dining

             B-3:             Handling utensils and napkins

             B-4:             Applying basic rules of dining etiquette

             Unit 6 :           Traveling for business

           Topic A: 0   The courteous traveler

           A-1:           Being a courteous traveler

           A-2:           Being courteous on an airplane, on a train, or in a car

           A-3:           Following the rules of etiquette at hotels

           Topic B: 0   International travel

                        B-1:                        Understanding cultural orientation

                        B-2:                        Showing respect to your hosts