Adobe Illustrator CS5:

Advanced, First Look

Topic-Level Outline

                         Days:  1

          Prerequisites:  Adobe Illustrator CS5: Basic, or equivalent experience

                         Unit 1 :  Manipulating paths

                               Topic A: 0  Path commands

                               A-1:                               Cutting a hold in a shape

                               A-2:                               Outlining the stroke of a path

                               A-3:                               Offsetting a path

                               A-4:                               Using Pathfinder commands

                               A-5:                               Using the Eraser tool

                               A-6:                               Aligning and distributing path points

                               Topic B: 0  Masks

                         B-1:                         Creating a clipping mask

                         B-2:                         Creating an opacity mask

                         Unit 2 :  Enhancing fills and strokes

                               Topic A: 0  Multiple fills and strokes

                               A-1:                               Creating multiple strokes

                               Topic B: 0  Colors

                               B-1:                               Applying a spot color to a grayscale image

                               B-2:                               Creating a gradient mesh

                               B-3:                               Adjusting colors

                               B-4:                               Converting artwork to spot colors

                               Topic C: 0  Patterns

                               C-1:                               Creating a pattern swatch

                               C-2:                               Applying patterns

                               C-3:                               Creating a seamless pattern

                               C-4:                               Transforming a pattern

                               Topic D: 0  Brushes

                               D-1:                               Using the Brushes panels

                               D-2:                               Creating a pattern brush

                               D-3:                               Adjusting properties for an applied brush pattern

                               D-4:                               Using the Blob Brush tool

                               Topic E: 0  Symbols

                         E-1:                         Using symbols

                         Unit 3 :  Transforming shapes

                               Topic A: 0  Using transformation tools

                               A-1:                               Shearing shapes

                               A-2:                               Reflecting shapes

                               A-3:                               Rotating shapes precisely

                               A-4:                               Using the Free Transform tool

                               A-5:                               Blending shapes

                               A-6:                               Using the Transform Each command

                               Topic B: 0  Using envelopes

                               B-1:                               Creating an envelope

                               B-2:                               Editing an envelop

                               Topic C: 0  Liquifying shapes

                               C-1:                               Using the Liquify tools

                               Topic D: 0  Applying 3D effects

                         D-1:                         Revolving shapes

                         D-2:                         Mapping artwork to surfaces

                         D-3:                         Recording and playing an action

                         Unit 4 :  Effects and graphic styles

                               Topic A: 0  Effects

                               A-1:                               Applying an effect to a vector object

                               A-2:                               Applying an effect to a raster image

                               A-3:                               Applying distortion effects

                               A-4:                               Creating drop shadows

                               A-5:                               Using the Effect gallery

                               A-6:                               Editing an effect

                               Topic B: 0  Graphic styles

                               B-1:                               Using graphic styles

                               Topic C: 0  Perspective drawing

                         C-1:                         Drawing in perspective

                         Unit 5 :  Converting raster images to vector art

                               Topic A: 0  Tracing raster images

                               A-1:                               Autotracing a color raster image

                               A-2:                               Autotracing line art

                               Topic B: 0  Using Live Paint

                         B-1:                         Using Live Paint to paint vector art

                         B-2:                         Selecting items in a Live Paint group

                         Unit 6 :  Printing illustrations

                               Topic A: 0  Color management

                               A-1:                               Setting up color management

                               Topic B: 0  Print specifications

                               B-1:                               Printing a composite proof

                               Topic C: 0  Color separations

                         C-1:                         Printing color separations

                         Unit 7 :  Web files and graphs

                               Topic A: 0  Slices

                               A-1:                               Viewing artwork in Pixel Preview

                               A-2:                               Creating slices

                               A-3:                               Manipulating slices

                               A-4:                               Naming slices

                               A-5:                               Creating a hyperlink

                               Topic B: 0  Web graphics

                               B-1:                               Optimizing slices

                               B-2:                               Exporting artwork as a Web page

                               B-3:                               Previewing a Web page

                               B-4:                               Outputting artwork as a SWF file

                               Topic C: 0  Graphs

  C-1:  Creating a graph