Photoshop CS4:

Basic, ACE Edition

Topic-Level Outline

                         Days:  1

         Prerequisites:  Windows XP: Basic or equivalent experience

                         Unit 1 :  Getting started

                               Topic A: 0  File types

                               A-1:                               Identifying attributes of raster and vector graphics

                               Topic B: 0  The Photoshop environment

                               B-1:                               Exploring the Photoshop window

                               B-2:                               Organizing Photoshop panels

                               B-3:                               Magnifying and scrolling images

                               B-4:                               Managing files with Adobe Bridge

                               Topic C: 0  Getting help

                         C-1:                         Using Photoshop Help

                         C-2:                         Using “How to” topics

                         Unit 2 :  Working with image selections

                               Topic A: 0  Selection techniques

                               A-1:                               Selecting rectangular and elliptical areas

                               A-2:                               Selecting with the Lasso tool

                               A-3:                               Saving and loading a selection

                               A-4:                               Selecting polygonal areas

                               A-5:                               Selecting with the Magnetic Lasso tool

                               A-6:                               Adjusting Magnetic Lasso tool settings

                               A-7:                               Selecting with the Quick Selection tool

                               A-8:                               Selecting with the Magic Wand tool

                               A-9:                               Selecting with the Color Range command

                               Topic B: 0  Modifying selections

                         B-1:                         Adding to and subtracting from a selection

                         B-2:                         Modifying a selection

                         B-3:                         Moving a selection

                         B-4:                         Using the Refine Edge dialog box

                         Unit 3 :  Working with layers

                               Topic A: 0  Creating layers

                               A-1:                               Creating a layer from a selection

                               A-2:                               Moving a selection to another image

                               A-3:                               Creating and filling empty layers

                               Topic B: 0  Modifying layers

                               B-1:                               Working with multiple layers

                               B-2:                               Transforming layers

                               Topic C: 0  Using Type layers

                               C-1:                               Adding text to an image

                               C-2:                               Adding paragraph text to an image

                               C-3:                               Formatting text

                               Topic D: 0  Using layer effects

                         D-1:                         Adjusting opacity

                         D-2:                         Applying layer blending modes

                         D-3:                         Applying layer styles

                         Unit 4 :  Adjusting images

                               Topic A: 0  Image modes

                               A-1:                               Identifying image mode attributes

                               A-2:                               Specifying an image mode and undoing changes

                               Topic B: 0  Hue/Saturation and Vibrance adjustments

                               B-1:                               Colorizing an image

                               B-2:                               Adjusting hue and saturation

                               B-3:                               Adjusting vibrance

                               Topic C: 0  Levels adjustments

                         C-1:                         Creating a Levels adjustment layer

                         C-2:                         Modifying a Levels adjustment layer

                         C-3:                         Creating a clipped adjustment layer

                         Unit 5 :  Retouching images

                               Topic A: 0  Repairing image defects

                               A-1:                               Fixing red eye

                               A-2:                               Cloning image areas

                               A-3:                               Repairing small defects by using the Spot Healing Brush tool

                               A-4:                               Repairing medium-sized defects by using the Healing Brush tool

                               A-5:                               Repairing large defects by using the Patch tool

                               Topic B: 0  Painting

                               B-1:                               Specifying foreground and background colors

                               B-2:                               Sampling colors with the Eyedropper tool

                               B-3:                               Painting in an image

                               Topic C: 0  Using the Background Eraser

                               C-1:                               Preparing an image before removing a background

                               C-2:                               Removing a complex background

                               Topic D: 0  Using filters

                         D-1:                         Applying filters

                         Unit 6 :  Resizing images

                               Topic A: 0  Image resolution

                               A-1:                               Viewing an image’s resolution

                               A-2:                               Resizing an image without resampling

                               A-3:                               Resampling an image

                               Topic B: 0  Image canvas size

                         B-1:                         Cropping an image

                         B-2:                         Changing the canvas size

                         Unit 7 :  Preparing finished images

                               Topic A: 0  Images for Web use

                               A-1:                               Saving an image for Web use

                               Topic B: 0  Images for print use

                               B-1:                               Flattening image layers

                               B-2:                               Adding metadata in Photoshop

                               B-3:                               Adding metadata and keywords in Bridge

                               B-4:                               Creating a metadata template in Bridge

                               B-5:                               Saving in TIFF format

                               Topic C: 0  Outputting images

                                      C-1:  Printing an image

                               Topic D: 0  Importing images

               D-1:               Importing images with Photo Downloader

               Appendix A :  ACE exam objectives map

                               Topic A: 0  Comprehensive exam objectives