Financial Management

Topic-Level Outline

             Days:           1

Prerequisites:           None

             Unit 1 :           Basics of accounting

           Topic A: 0   Accounting

           A-1:           Identifying the need for accounting

           Topic B: 0   Key accounting terms

             B-1:             Understanding the accounting equation

             B-2:             Identifying transactions and accounts

             B-3:             Understanding the “T” account

             B-4:             Identifying revenue and expenses

             B-5:             Identifying capital and withdrawals

             B-6:             Identifying temporary and permanent accounts

             B-7:             Identifying fixed cost and variable cost

             Unit 2 :           Accounting cycle

           Topic A: 0   Basics of the accounting cycle

           A-1:           Understanding the basics of an accounting cycle

           Topic B: 0   Analyze, record, and post transactions

           B-1:           Analyzing and posting a transaction

           B-2:           Balancing a General Ledger

           B-3:           Identifying cash and accrual bases of accounting

           Topic C: 0   Trial Balance

             C-1:             Preparing a Trial Balance

             C-2:             Identifying common errors found in a Trial Balance

             C-3:             Identifying financial statements

             Unit 3 :           Income Statement

           Topic A: 0   Income Statement basics

           A-1:           Identifying types of revenues and expenses

           A-2:           Calculating profit and loss

           Topic B: 0   Prepare and interpret an Income Statement

             B-1:             Preparing an Income Statement

             B-2:             Interpreting an Income Statement

             Unit 4 :           Balance Sheet

           Topic A: 0   Balance Sheet basics

           A-1:           Identifying components of a Balance Sheet

           Topic B: 0   Prepare Balance Sheets

           B-1:           Preparing a Balance Sheet

           Topic C: 0   Interpret Balance Sheets

             C-1:             Identifying liquidity

             C-2:             Identifying the debt-to-total-assets ratio

             Unit 5 :           Other financial statements

           Topic A: 0   Cash Flow Statement

           A-1:           Identifying accounts on a Cash Flow Statement

           A-2:           Identifying benefits

           A-3:           Preparing a Cash Flow Statement

           Topic B: 0   Statement of Stockholders’ Equity

             B-1:             Preparing a Statement of Stockholders’ Equity

             Unit 6 :           Budgeting

           Topic A: 0   Fundamentals of budgeting

           A-1:           Understanding budgeting

           Topic B: 0   Analyze financial statements

           B-1:           Identifying methods of analyzing financial statements

           B-2:           Identifying ratios used for budgeting

           B-3:           Calculating the break-even point

           Topic C: 0   Set objectives

           C-1:           Setting effective objectives

           C-2:           Identifying common budgeting problems

           Topic D: 0   Monitor performance

  D-1:  Identifying a “pro forma” financial statement

  D-2:  Creating a “pro forma” financial statement