Sexual Harassment Prevention

Activity-Level Outline

                         Days:  1

         Prerequisites:  None

                         Unit 1 :  Defining sexual harassment

                               Topic A: 0  Sexual harassment

                                      A-1:  Understanding conduct

                                      A-2:  Identifying unwelcome behavior

                                      A-3:  Avoiding sexually harassing behavior

                                      A-4:  Understanding gender issues

                                      A-5:  Identifying costs

                               Topic B: 0  Effects of sexual harassment

                                      B-1:  Identifying effects

                         Unit 2 :  Understanding legal issues

                               Topic A: 0  Legal issues in sexual harassment

                                      A-1:  Understanding the law

                                      A-2:  Identifying sexual harassment claims

                                      A-3:  Understanding employers’ responsibility

                         Unit 3 :  Recognizing harassing behavior

                               Topic A: 0  Sexually harassing behavior

                                      A-1:  Identifying sexually harassing behavior

                                      A-2:  Identifying types of behavior

                                      A-3:  Recognizing the impact of sexual harassment

                         Unit 4 :  Taking action

                               Topic A: 0  Preventing sexual harassment

                                      A-1:  Identifying how to prevent sexual harassment

                               Topic B: 0  Actions for sexual harassment victims

                                      B-1:  Taking appropriate action

                                      B-2:  Handling personal conversation

                         Unit 5 :  Understanding management issues

                               Topic A: 0  Sexual harassment policy

                                      A-1:  Identifying need for a policy

                                      A-2:  Taking appropriate action

                                      A-3:  Sexual harassment prevention