Sexual Harassment Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions and Instructor Notes

Topic A0:   Classroom setup

In addition to a manual, each student should be provided with a pad and pens or pencils for jotting down notes questions. Students should have a comfortable place to sit and ample table space to spread out their materials.

Computer requirements

If you wish to use the PowerPoint presentation, you’ll need the following:

·    A Pentium-class or better computer

·    A keyboard and a mouse

·    A sound card and speakers

·    Windows 98, NT, 2000, or XP

·    A minimum of 32MB of memory or more, depending on your operating system

·    CD-ROM drive

·    A Super-VGA monitor

·    An overhead monitor projector

·    PowerPoint 2000 or later, or PowerPoint Viewer

Classroom requirements

·    A white board and markers


Topic B:   Frequently Asked Questions

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Topic C:   Course Notes

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Topic D:   Additional Information

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