Excel 2000:

Topic-Level Outline

                         Days:  1

         Prerequisites:  Excel 2000: Intermediate or equivalent experience

                         Unit 1 :  Advanced formulas

                               Topic A: 0  Using names

                               A-1:                               Defining names

                               A-2:                               Using the Create Names command

                               A-3:                               Using the Apply Names command

                               Topic B: 0  Decision-making

                               B-1:                               Using IF

                               B-2:                               Using SUMIF

                               Topic C: 0  Nesting

                               C-1:                               Nesting with IF

                               C-2:                               Using ROUND

                               Topic D: 0  Financial functions

                         D-1:                         Using PMT

                         D-2:                         Using FV

                         Unit 2 :  Lookups and data tables

                               Topic A: 0  Lookup functions

                               A-1:                               Observing VLOOKUP

                               A-2:                               Using VLOOKUP

                               Topic B: 0  MATCH and INDEX

                               B-1:                               Using MATCH

                               B-2:                               Using INDEX

                               Topic C: 0  Data tables

                         C-1:                         Creating a one-variable data table

                         C-2:                         Creating a two-variable data table

                         Unit 3 :  Advanced list management

                               Topic A: 0  Subtotals

                               A-1:                               Creating subtotals in a list

                               A-2:                               Using multiple subtotal functions

                               Topic B: 0  Data validation

                               B-1:                               Observing data validation

                               B-2:                               Setting up data validation

                               Topic C: 0  Database functions

                               C-1:                               Examining the structure of database functions

                               C-2:                               Using DSUM

                               Topic D: 0  Data forms

                         D-1:                         Entering data using a form

                         Unit 4 :  PivotTables

                               Topic A: 0  Creating a PivotTable

                               A-1:                               Using the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard

                               A-2:                               Adding fields to a PivotTable

                               A-3:                               ActivityTitle

                               Topic B: 0  Rearranging PivotTables

                               B-1:                               Moving fields in a PivotTable

                               B-2:                               Showing and hiding detail in a PivotTable

                               B-3:                               Refreshing data

                               Topic C: 0  Formatting PivotTables

                               C-1:                               Changing field settings (including number formats)

                               C-2:                               Using the Format Table button

                               Topic D: 0  PivotCharts

                         D-1:                         Creating a PivotChart

                         Unit 5 :  Exporting and Importing

                               Topic A: 0  Exporting data

                               A-1:                               Exporting Excel data to a text file

                               Topic B: 0  Importing data

                               B-1:                               Importing data from a text file into an Excel workbook

                               B-2:                               Parsing text data

                               Topic C: 0  Querying external databases

                         C-1:                         Using Microsoft Query to get data from an external database

                         C-2:                         Using Web Query to get data from the web

                         Unit 6 :  Analytical options

                               Topic A: 0  Goal Seek and Solver

                               A-1:                               Using Goal Seek to solve for a single variable

                               A-2:                               Using Solver to solve for multiple variables

                               Topic B: 0  Scenarios

                               B-1:                               Creating scenarios

                               B-2:                               Switching among scenarios

                               Topic C: 0  Views

                               C-1:                               Creating Views

                               C-2:                               Switching among views

                               Topic D: 0  Reports

                         D-1:                         Using the Report Manager add-in to create a report

                         Unit 7 :  Macros

                               Topic A: 0  Recording and running a macro

                               A-1:                               Running a macro

                               A-2:                               Recording a macro

                               A-3:                               Assigning a macro to a button

                               Topic B: 0  Editing VBA code

                               B-1:                               Observing a VBA code module

                               B-2:                               Editing VBA code

                               Topic C: 0  Function procedures

                         C-1:                         Creating a custom function

                         C-2:                         ActivityTitle

                         C-3:                         ActivityTitle

                         Unit 8 :  Advanced web topics

                               Topic A: 0  Creating interactive web spreadsheets

                               A-1:                               Publishing an interactive web page

                               A-2:                               Maintaining an Excel-based web page

                               Topic B: 0  PivotTables on the web

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      B-1:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Using a PivotTable on a web page