Excel 2013:


Topic-Level Outline

                         Days:  1

          Prerequisites:  Excel 2013: Intermediate or equivalent experience

                         Unit 1 :  Advanced functions and formulas

                               Topic A: 0  Logical functions

                               A-1:                               Using the IF function

                               A-2:                               Using a function to apply conditional formatting

                               A-3:                               Using OR, AND, and NOT as nested functions

                               A-4:                               Using the IFERROR function

                               Topic B: 0  Conditional functions

                               B-1:                               Using SUMIF

                               B-2:                               Using COUNTIF

                               B-3:                               Using AVERAGEIF

                               B-4:                               Using SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, and AVERAGEIFS

                               Topic C: 0  Financial functions

                               C-1:                               Using the PMT function

                               Topic D: 0  Text functions

                               D-1:                               Using the LEFT, RIGHT, and MID functions

                               D-2:                               Using functions to separate names

                               D-3:                               Using additional text functions

                               Topic E: 0  Date and time functions

                               E-1:                               Using date functions

                               Topic F: 0  Array formulas

                              F-1:                              Using an array formula

                              F-2:                              Using an array with the TRANSPOSE function

                              Topic G: 0  Calculation options

                         G-1:                         Setting calculation options

                         Unit 2 :  Lookups and data tables

                               Topic A: 0  Using lookup functions

                                A-1:                               Examining VLOOKUP

                               A-2:                               Using VLOOKUP to find an approximate match

                               A-3:                               Using HLOOKUP to find approximate matches

                               A-4:                               Using LOOKUP to find a value in a one-column range

                               Topic B: 0  Creating data tables

                         B-1:                         Creating a one-variable data table

                         Unit 3 :  Advanced data management

                               Topic A: 0  Validating cell entries

                               A-1:                               Observing data validation

                               A-2:                               Creating a data validation rule

                               A-3:                               Setting date and list validation rules

                               Topic B: 0  Advanced filtering

                         B-1:                         Using Custom AutoFilter criteria

                         B-2:                         Using the Advanced Filter dialog box

                         Unit 4 :  Advanced charting

                               Topic A: 0  Chart formatting options

                               A-1:                               Adjusting the scale of a chart

                               A-2:                               Formatting a data point

                               Topic B: 0  Combination charts

                               B-1:                               Creating a combination chart

                               B-2:                               Adding a trendline

                               B-3:                               Inserting sparklines

                               B-4:                               Creating and using a custom chart template

                               Topic C: 0  Graphical objects

                         C-1:                         Adding graphical objects to charts

                         C-2:                         Formatting graphical objects

                         Unit 5 :  PivotTables and PivotCharts

                               Topic A: 0  Working with PivotTables

                               A-1:                               Creating a PivotTable

                               A-2:                               Adding fields to a PivotTable

                               A-3:                               Using slicers to filter PivotTable data

                               Topic B: 0  Modifying PivotTable data

                               B-1:                               Grouping data and moving fields

                               B-2:                               Refreshing the data in a PivotTable

                               B-3:                               Inserting a calculated field

                               Topic C: 0  Formatting PivotTables

                               C-1:                               Applying a PivotTable style

                               C-2:                               Changing field settings

                               Topic D: 0  Using PivotCharts

                               D-1:                               Creating a PivotChart

                               Topic E: 0  PowerPivot

                         E-1:                         Enabling PowerPivot

                         E-2:                         Using PowerPivot

                         Unit 6 :  Exporting and importing data

                               Topic A: 0  Exporting and importing text files

                         A-1:                         Exporting Excel data to a text file

                         A-2:                         Importing data from a text file into a workbook

                         A-3:                         Converting text to columns

                         A-4:                         Removing duplicate records

                         Unit 7 :  Analytical tools

                               Topic A: 0  Goal Seek

                               A-1:                               Using Goal Seek to solve for a single variable

                               Topic B: 0  Scenarios

                               B-1:                               Creating scenarios

                               B-2:                               Switching among scenarios

                               B-3:                               Merging scenarios from another worksheet

                               Topic C: 0  Instant data analysis

                         C-1:                         Using the Quick Analysis tool

                         Unit 8 :  Macros and Visual Basic

                               Topic A: 0  Running and recording a macro

                               A-1:                               Running a macro

                               A-2:                               Recording a macro

                               A-3:                               Inserting a macro button

                               Topic B: 0  Working with VBA code

                         B-1:                         Observing a VBA code module

                         B-2:                         Editing VBA code

                         B-3:                         Copying a macro to another workbook

                         Unit 9 :  Accessibility and language features

                               Topic A: 0  Accessibility considerations

                               A-1:                               Checking accessibility                              

                               Topic B: 0  Internationalization

  B-1:  Using international symbols

  B-2:  Using language options